Year in Review: 2023

I managed to write almost every day this year, and I'm feeling pretty good about that. No massive word counts, but at least a few hundred words a day, which tends to add up. Spent most of the year working on the Inspector Broekstein and AGROTHARN trilogies, and I'm happy with how both turned out. Also got some practice compiling eBook box sets, and I revamped all of my paperbacks, so they're looking much better. Might try my hand at selling a few in February when the local library hosts an Author Hop. New year, new experiences, right?

Novels Written

AGROTHARN the Interstellar Semi-Barbarian! (Added 18K for a total of 80K) 
Lives on the Line (Added 39K for a total of 54K)
Whispers in the Woods (54K)
AGROTHARN: The Blades & Blasters Show! (80K)
AGROTHARN: The Search for Demise-Bringer! (80K)

Books Published:

Audiobook Produced:

Blog Posts: 25
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