No Bare Chests Allowed

Since I started participating in BookFunnel promos last year, I've noticed there are a lot of books out in the world displaying all manner of moobs. That's right: muscly man-boobs. I guess it's an entire subgenre of speculative fiction where half-naked men transform into animals. And it's somehow considered romance? Not sure exactly, but I know there's been some pushback amongst BookFunnel organizers, and now promos have rules along the lines of: "No nekkid man chests!"

How does this affect my books? Well, I don't write romance novels, but AGROTHARN does happen to be bare-chested on his covers, and that isn't always looked upon favorably. I've had Book 1 kicked out of multiple promos because of it. The organizers apologize, saying they realize it's not erotica by any stretch, but they're sticking to their guns. NO bare chests allowed.

So I'm trying an alternate cover as a workaround: 

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