Novel #23

The second riveting installment in my Dome City Investigations series has been drafted in toto: 90K of futuristic crime-solving action & adventure with plenty of character development and even some humor along the way. I enjoyed writing in this world again, building on the precarious setting I established in the Spirits of the Earth trilogy and bringing back two of my favorite characters as supporting cast. I also introduced some major political intrigue alluded to in Dust Freaks & Demigods, which was interesting to see play out.

Next: a few rounds of edits and blurb-composing in 150 words or less. I have about a month and a half before the final draft is due, so that should give me plenty of time to polish everything up just right.

Meanwhile, you can be first in line to snag your very own Kindle copy by pre-ordering it right here. Assuming I get it formatted in time, a paperback version will also be available on the release date.

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