Creepy Freebies 2014

It's finally here, folks! To kick off the festivities, I'm giving away TWO of my story collections:

Alienated:    Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble   |   iBooks   |   Kobo   |   Smashwords
Unseen Things:    Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble   |   iBooks   |   Kobo   |   Smashwords

And joining me in the madness, here are 11 talented authors you won't want to miss:

Visit ErinCole for free copies of After Dusk, The Shadow People, and more!
Visit Cory Cone for a free copy of Black Pageant
Visit James Garcia, Jr. and enter to win Dance on Fire and Seeing Ghosts
Visit Anne E. Johnson and enter to win Ebenezer's Locker
Visit Simon Kewin for a free copy of Faces in the Shadows
Visit MichelleAnn King for a free copy of Transient Tales Volume 3
Visit Rhonda Parrish and enter to win Aphanasian Stories and more!
Visit Mary Rajotte for free copies of The Lockwood Collection, Flowers for the Dead and more!

Tell your friends and neighbors: #creepyfreebies  The fun will continue through HALLOWEEN!